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We are a micro mini company, nevertheless we have own design and manufacturing in digital and analog audio equipment with the target is to helping people to achieve high-definition sound in the home environment. We suggest to you a DAC's with a world's maximum by hardware resolution!!! The iconic industrial design has been choosing for our long time term production. We are attending in some Hi-Fi/High End Shows, and you can to come and test/listen our product. You can bring your headphones or/and music contain for test . The information regard where the Shows we will be, is below.

We have own responsibility for manufacture and design, standard and requirement, and it is cover for all countries. Our product are relevant a CE label of requirements of EU and EN61000-3-2 that is part of the European 'EMC-directive' and ENERGY STAR of US program.

Our product

Table Top Delta-sigma DAC

R-2R USB portable DAC
The second generation

R-2R USB/SPDIF portable DAC

We attend

We attended on KLANGBILDER 2015 exhibit at 27-29 November 2015 Vienna, Austria..
We exhibited on Audio Video Show Praha at 11-12.March.2016
We exhibited on The Indulgence Show, Novotel London West, London at 14-15-16 October 2016
We exhibited on CANJAM EUROPE 04.11.2017 - 05.11.2017 -- BERLIN, GERMANY - NHOW HOTEL

Thanks for your attention and interest.
Dmitry Bandurian  the President

P.O.BOX 8401  NAHARIA  22344  ISRAEL

our email     contact_us@dixo-audio.com
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